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Basketball Wives Sneak Peek After The Cluth Fight

I still haven’t figure out why Evelyn is so mad at Jen. Evelyn keeps saying watch the show, and the truth will be revealed, but at this point, I’ve seen Evelyn do more dirt to Jennifer and do not understand why Jennifer would want to be friends with Evelyn in the first place. I get Evelyn feels like Jennifer has gotten some new friends and is acting extra, but with old friends like Evelyn and Nia, I would run, too. Perhaps Jennifer’s new friends are more encouraging and don’t sneak and hit Jen in the head with their clutch when they are mad. They probably don’t threaten to reveal all of Jen’s secrets on twitter, either, or on the blogs for that matter. I will keep watching, but at this point, it doesn’t seem like Jennifer is the bad friend. Anyway that’s my opinion, and here’s the sneak peek of next week’s episode (after the “clutch fight” at Shaunie’s birthday party).

Watch the video when you continue…At this point Evelyn has done too much to hurt Jen publicly…what “friend” put their hands on you like that over some words?

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