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MrsGrapevine Juicy Links: Adrienne Bailon Full On Wardrobe Malfunction! Forget A Nip Slip…

I have seen some interesting red carpet fashion choices. I have seen women push the envelope so far that they have a wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet. What we now call a nip slip. Every once in a while a boob pops out of place. BUT what do you call it when the whole crotch slips out or falls out? Adrienne Bailon is perhaps the first celebrity that I know of with a crotch shot on the red carpet. Perhaps a better choice of dress could have prevented this moment, or some underwear, but then again Adrienne Bailon can use all the publicity she can get. Sadly her career has come to this…

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Oh, if you wondering what Adrienne’s dress looks like from the back, click here for the back view

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