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Wow! Jennifer Williams Does Have Keys To Nia Crooks’ House!!!

Last week Evelyn’s “assistant”, Nia Crooks who also goes by the name of Penny Olay, filed a police report claiming Jennifer Williams had stolen her keys. Well Penny Olay/Nia Crooks and Jennifer Williams use to be best friends, although the show is trying to pretend like Penny Olay once worked for Jennifer Williams as an “assistant”. Well I did a little digging and found this tweet from back in of March of 2011, in which Jennifer Williams admits to having a set of keys to Penny’s house:

Penny Olay/Nia Crooks may be petty and shady for filing the police report, but at least we know she’s not lying. If this is scripted they covered their tracks as far back as March 2011. Now all we want to know is what happened?? What made Penny Olay turn on Jennifer Williams and jump on team Evelyn Lozada

This is Jennifer and her BFF Penny Olay/Nia Crooks partying together. Just in September the two were buddy-buddy.

And fast forward a few months later, Penny and Evelyn have kicked Jennifer out of the circle. Things have become so bad, Evelyn and Penny Olay were caught attacking Jennifer Williams on camera.

Scripted or not, this whole mess just looks shady. No amount of money could cause me to act a fool on television, and turn on my so called best friends for ratings. Remember when Evelyn and Jennifer were inseparable. My how things change in less than a year.

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