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So Tracy Morgan Has Some Serious Mommy Issues…

Tracy Morgan finally responds to his mom, Alicia Warden, and reveals the reason why he will not help her with her financial issues. Alicia Warden owes $25,000 on her house, but is facing foreclosure due to rough economic times, and on top of that she has diabetes affecting her health.  Her son, Tracy Morgan, is reportedly worth $18 million, but will not foot the bill to keep his mom from losing her house, at least that’s what his mom and sister claims. According to Tracy Morgan his reason for not helping his mom is due to the fact that he barely talks to her, and has been estranged from his family for 11 years:

I am saddened that these untrue stories about me have people questioning my commitment to my family. For reasons that are between us, I have not seen my mother in 11 years and outside of a random call here and there have had little to no contact with my sister. We all have personal family issues that we have to deal with in life, but I choose to deal with mine in private and not through the media.

Seriously Tracy Morgan, can’t you afford some therapy to work out these family issues with your mom and sister? I am not sure what lies his family members are telling. They simply said Tracy Morgan is refusing to help. Maybe a poor word choice, but the fact of the matter is Tracy Morgan’s mom’s house is facing foreclosure, and she owes $25,000. He’s allegedly offered her $2000 through his assistant, which would carry her for a month or two, but she turned it down out of pride. His sister, Asia Morgan, says Tracy is a douche bag, which he has proven publicly through his gay rants, oh and remember the time he brought another chick on the red carpet after taking his ex-girlfriend’s kidney. Publicity wise, it just didn’t look good. Publicity wise this looks just as bad. Anyway, Tracy’s mother responds to her son, and it sounds like she’s ready to fight back this time:

There’s nothing for me to lie about. People are saying that we’re airing our dirty laundry, but he’s the one who wrote about us first. He can’t keep telling lies and expect me to be quiet about it. People don’t know me. I want to tell my side of the story. He hasn’t seen me in a long time. Now he sees how I look.

His mother sat down for an extensive interview published in Vindy.com, where she talks about her past relationship with Morgan:

I’m trying to find the answer,” she said. “What did I do to him? In my heart, I don’t know what I ever did to him to make him hate me. We were always a close-knit family. Give me an answer, Tracy.

“I called Tracy last March or April to ask him if he would help pay my mortgage,” she said. “I never gave him an amount — I just sent him the [billing statement], and he said he would do it. But he never did.”

“I pay my bills to keep the lights on and the heat on,” said Warden. “I’ve gone without my medicine. My doctor told me Monday my blood pressure is up so high I look like I’m on the verge of a stroke.”

My windows got shot out last year,” she said. “My car has been shot up. Two of my former foster children [she has had 20] have been killed. I fear for my life, and I don’t tell anyone who I am.”

In 2001, “Saturday Night Live” did a Mother’s Day special, and Warden went to New York and appeared on the show. But what could have been a warm reunion went bad, and harsh words were passed between mother and son. Warden said the distance between them actually had started a little before then.

“He had some attitude and treated [her and her daughter, Asia] like dirt when we did the show,” said Warden. “I still don’t know why.” Still, a photo of Warden and Tracy from the “SNL” shoot sits on her mantel.

Warden visited her son again in 2002 for the funeral of her ex-husband. Warden said her ex was a drug addict who died of AIDS.

“Tracy felt like if I hadn’t put [her ex-husband] out of the house, he might still be alive today,” said Warden. “I said, ‘You’re being selfish … Would you have wanted us both to be dead?’” {Read the rest of the interview with Tracy Morgan’s mom , this is just sad!}

Dayum Tracy!!! Did she boil your rabbit? Did she steal your checks? What can make a grown man hate his mom so much, and turn his back as she slums it out? Maybe she told him he will never amount to anything, I have no clue, but 11 years of not talking, is not good.

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