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SPOTTED: Is Rihanna Crushing On Blake Griffin?

We’ve been noticing a certain pop princess popping up at NBA games in LA. Everyone in Hollywood loves the Lakers, of course, but when celebs start checking in at Clippers games, it really stands out. Last night, singer Rihanna sat courtide at the Nuggets versus Clippers game at the Staples Center at LA Live in Los Angeles.

On several occasions, Rihanna has been spotted at Clippers games. She even missed the People’s Choice Awards (which was only a few hundred yards away) to check-in courtside to the Clippers game.

Let’s play process of elimination on who she is there to see or check out. Chris Paul is married with kids so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. Caron Butler is also married. We’ll just skip ahead to Blake Griffin. He seems like Rihanna’s type and is really a low-key bad boy.

Maybe Rihanna has jumped on the Clippers bandwagon too, but wouldn’t Rihanna and Blake Griffin make a cute couple?

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