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Celebrity Death

Remembering Whitney Houston: What Are Your Favorite Songs, Movies, Or Memories???

Whitney Houston is gone, and it took me a while to feel the impact. My first reactions was about facts, how, what, when, and where! I just wanted information, and not just information but facts in real time. Then I was angry at Hollywood, and how the industry push celebs to the brink, and then they party like nothing didn’t just happened in that hotel. BUT then again, the show must go on for Whitney. After the details started coming, it finally hit me, and I became sad. My heart-ached for Cissy Houston, Bobby Brown, and most importantly Bobbi Kristina. Three of the people who knew Ms Houston best– through and through. Being my mom’s only child and losing her, I know how close you are to that parent, and how the dynamics of your relationship are different from traditional families. I know Bobbi Kristina was like Whitney’s mom sometimes, best friend always, confidante and protector of her secrets, smiles during lows, crutch during the peaks, and bed warmer during the lonely nights. I pray for her strength over the days to come because it doesn’t really hit you until all of the noise stops.

Then there is me. I know it’s not about me, it’s about the soundtrack of my life, and all of the memories created by Whitney Houston and her songs. As long as I can remember there has always been a Whitney Houston. There has always been a WH song for every occasion that life has brought my way. My favorite memory of Whitney Houston, is the picture above from her first album in 1985. I thought she was the finest thing!!! This was before Naomi Campbell or Tyra Banks. I played that album over and over, and I definitely wasn’t old enough to really understand the lyrics, but I knew them…word for word from beginning to end. What’s your favorite Whitney Houston moment??? Here are a few of mine…

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