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Friday Funnies: Key & Peele & Obama Loses Their S**t

Friday! Always a relief to see this day and personally, I try to get in as many laughs and good times as I can.  Just to make up for working hard all week.  Speaking of, have any of your seen the new show Key & Peele on Comedy Central?  Comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are the latest to bring us a sketch comedy show, kind of taking up where The Chappelle Show left off. Sidenote: I DO miss that show. Dave, come back!

This comedic duo, formerly of Mad TV, have pretty much hit the Obama inpersonation on the head.  So much so that they decided to do a sketch that we ALL can appreciate: The Obama Translator sketch. Yes, they give us their take on what President Obama actually says versus what he actually means. *Young Jeezy voice* And I love it! First time I saw it I swear I cried with laughter. Check out the hilarious sketch and get your laughs in! Happy Friday!

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