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UPDATE: DISCUSSION: Bobby Brown Banned??? Bobby Brown To Blame???

Praise Report: Looks like the family is working things out and Bobby Brown will attend the funeral.  The funeral is invitation-only, but it will be broadcast so that fans can have a moment, too. Bobbi Kristina is doing better, just needs privacy, prayer, and time to grieve outside the public’s eye.

Bobby Brown is expected to be in the pews Saturday at an invitation-only memorial service at Newark, New Jersey’s New Hope Baptist Church for his ex-wife Whitney Houston, despite the bad blood brewing between he and the singer’s family.

According to TMZ, memebers of Whitney Hoston’s family has banned Bobby Brown from seeing Bobbi Kristina. TMZ is also reporting that Bobby Brown may be banned from the funeral as well.

Bobby Brown still hasn’t seen his daughter — THREE days after Whitney Houston‘s death — and he thinks Whitney’s family … specifically, Cissy Houston, is throwing up the road block. Sources close to Bobby tell us he hasn’t connected with Bobbi Kristina since arriving in L.A. Sunday night — despite placing several phone calls and making an attempt to physically see her … early this morning. We’re told Brown was turned away by Whitney’s family and friends … who are caring for BK at a home in the Los Angeles area.

Bobby Brown is “extremely disappointed” after hearing that several members of Whitney Houston‘s family do not want him to attend the singer’s funeral … sources tell TMZ.  Sources close to Bobby tell us … people connected to the Houston family have reached out to Bobby to warn him that he shouldn’t attempt to attend the funeral because the family isn’t fond of him. However … we’re told Bobby has not received any OFFICIAL word from the family about his invite status.



I understand people are hurt, but now is not the time to feud. The funeral should be about Whitney Hoston, and no matter how much people don’t like it, the fact is Whitney loved Bobby Brown and she loved him hard. We can’t continue blame him for the choices made years ago. Something tells me, Bobby Brown is hurting enough on the inside for those choices, as well. With both of them having addiction issues, I am sure they have done a lot to hurt each other.  At the end of the day, when Bobby’s mother died, Whitney was there, and not only was she there, she sang Precious Lord at his mother’s funeral.

Bobbi Kristina is old enough to decide if she wants to see her father. If she doesn’t then Bobby Brown will have to respect that, but if people are keeping him away from her, that’s not cool. He may be the one to provide some comfort to her during her grief. I just wish people could use this time to heal, forgive, and let Ms Houston have her peace. You may not understand the love or the strong hold, we may not even like it, but there is no denying that it was there.

I have seen a lot of people leaving comments blaming Bobby Brown. Life is about choices and consequences, and at the end of the day we are all responsible for our choices. We all make choices that are not in our best interest for many different reasons, and sometimes the consequences are greater than we could have imagined. At the end of it all, we are the only ones that will stand accountable. Whitney Hoston lived a great life and unfortuantely we only focus on the bad, although we will never be able to take away her accomplishments.  She achieved well above and beyond the average human and not Bobby or the media or anyone else can erase that fact. The best gift the Hostons and the Browns can give Whitney, is to honor and respect the love she had for all of them for one day.

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