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Dear Chris Brown, by Ms Toni (Calm Down & Learn Somethin’)

Ms. Toni who is infamous for her letters to celebrities, and is also a featured writer here at MrsGrapevine.com, has penned another letter and this time it’s to Chris Brown. Let me get my disclaimer out first, I (Mrs Grapevine) like Chris Brown and this letter does not necessarily express how I feel, but it may express how you feel. Please leave your thoughts, but don’t get all stan-zy with us. I will express how I feel in the comments section, too!

Dear Chris Brown,

Dude.  You make it hard for people to 1) like you 2) support you and 3) stop holding grudges against you.  I think everyone, even you, would say that the fight between you and Rihanna was incredible surprising, disappointing and unfortunate.  At that time, you two were one of the top super couples of the generation. Almost like a younger version of Jay-Z and Beyonce.  But, it happened and you paid the price.  Thousands of community service hours and one year of abuse counseling later, you emerged, ready to reclaim your star status of before.

Well…You effin it up. BIG TIME.

You want so badly to have people on your side again and for people to stop talking about the “incident” but you aren’t doing anything to help the process along!  It doesn’t help that you get angry on Twitter and go on rants about haters.  It doesn’t help that you stop doing interviews because you’re tired of answering the questions about the “incident”. And it doesn’t help that you’re acting like a typical whiny young person, who thinks they know it all and wants to do whatever they want.

The fact of the matter is, is that you made a HUGE and very public mistake and the only way to back track from that is to do the opposite. Case in point? R. Kelly.  This bastard here was on trial for peeing {Read the rest as Dear World Love Toni}


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