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In Case You Missed It: Jennifer Hudson’s Whitney Houston Tribute At The Grammys

I’m still in shock over Whitney Houston‘s sudden passing.  I had family members calling me over it. The last time that happened over a celebrity death was with Michael Jackson and I still cry over that.  But upon hearing about Whitney‘s death, the people over the Grammys scrambled to gather people to agree to do a tribute for the legendary singer.

Jennifer Hudson and Chaka Khan were scheduled to perform but at the last minute, Chaka dropped out.  She tweeted the following:

As I grieve the loss of my friend and “little sister,” I don’t feel it appropriate to perform at this time. Continue to pray for the family.

I completely understand her decision and probably would feel the same, if I were in her shoes.  So Jennifer took on the tribute by herself.  And I loved it. It was perfect. She was visibly shaken at times but made it through.  Check out the video, when you continue…


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