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Boomerang 2.0: Toni Braxton & Eddie Murphy Are Dating??

I don’t normally get excited or interested in a lot of celebrity couples (unless there’s some kind of wedding announcement about Maxwell…then I’m looking for answers…*side-eye*) but I have to say, in my mind, this is a really cute pairing! According to US Weekly, singer Toni Braxton and actor Eddie Murphy have been dating for the past four months!

Photo via USWeekly.com

Apparently, Eddie was spotted backstage at Toni‘s Feb. 19 L.A. concert.  I guess he could be a fan (Toni debuted on the soundtrack to his 1992 hit movie Boomerang) but we usually don’t see Eddie out and about with another woman unless it’s a love interest.  And considering Toni has a reality TV show, that’s a long time for this to get missed.  You know, if it turns out to be true.  I think I’m gonna listen to my Boomerang soundtrack CD just on the chance it is though!  Read what their reps had to say and what the insider has said, when you continue…

While Braxton’s rep insists “Toni and Eddie are just friends and have been fans of each other’s work for a long time,” the insider says, “Their kids have met and everything. It’s getting very serious.”

Only time will tell. Or Twitpics.

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