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If this little piece of information found at Miss Jia doesn’t prove to you that Kim Kardashian is the queen of media manipulation, then I do not know what will. Just cause it’s reality TV, does NOT mean it’s reality!!! What’s worse than a fake marriage? A fake scene complete with a fake trip to Dubai to explain why said fake marriage didn’t work. If you are confused don’t worry I’m about to explain.

I can’t wait for the truth to come out! People will be surprised or maybe they won’t. #FCC. -tweeted by Kris Humphries

So Kim Kardashian and her mother reportedly went on a vacation in Dubai back in October before Kim’s divorce. During the Dubai vacation, Kim revealed to her mother, Kris Jenner, that she and Kris Humphries were having marital problems. Sounds harmless, right? The only problem is that none of it actually happened in real life, but in a movie studio, not in Dubai but LA, and not in October before the divorce, but in December months after the divorce. Still confused? Check out the proof (pictured above) and get the details below uncovered by Reality Tea:

The photos you’re seeing above of Kim and pimpmomager Kris Jenner were taken on December 6, 2011. The photo agency which snapped the pics stated Kim and Kris were leaving a studio in Los Angeles.

Does Kim outfit look familiar? It should because Kim is sporting the same exact outfit, same hairstyle and same makeup as she did in a scene that aired on KKTNY last Sunday which according to E! was filmed in Dubai… in October… weeks before Kim pulled the plug on her marriage.

In the scene, Kim tries to garner sympathy appear remorseful as she tells her mom she is having marital issues with hubby Kris. There’s only one problem folks: Kim filed for divorce on October 31 and it appears that “Dubai” scene was actually taped in Los Angeles on Dec. 6. Still having doubts? Well, feel free to check out the outfit Kris’ assistant is carrying behind her. Ding ding ding! It’s the SAME “Dubai” outfit plus Kris is still wearing the same earrings.

Wowzers. So this proves the Kardashians’ shows are as phony as the Kardashians. Furthermore, Kim and Kris actually filmed this scene last month to not only try to fool their audience, but to also try to make Kim a victim. Unfortunately for Kris Humphries, he didn’t get a chance to go back and film phony scenes to help his image. But WAIT!!!! There’s more!!! {More proof Kim Kardashian faked reality scene to cover her fake divorce}

Now we know why Kris Humphries wants the marriage annulled, and why he sent the tweet with hashtag #FCC. The FCC is in charge of regulating Cable and TV, and Kris Humphries knew something wasn’t right on Kim’s “reality” show.  Kim Kardashian and her mom, Kris, went through all of this just to make Kim Kardashian look good. If it was a real marriage, why create fake scenes to explain the divorce? Why create fake scenes to save Kim’s image? Why create fake scenes on a reality show? Why am I calling it fake, what’s up with all of the LIES???

Watch the fake scene below, and keep in mind this was all filmed at a studio in LA months after the divorce, and not before in Dubai as claimed: O_O I am too through

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