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Let’s Discuss: Would You Buy From A Nicki Minaj Fashion Line?

Nicki Minaj has become quite popular in the world of fashion. From a M.A.C. lipstick shade to befriending Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, she’s been making some strides when it comes to what’s consider hot nowadays.  It seems as though it might all be going to the next level soon.  Her manager reportedly told the New York Times that one of a new goal in store for the rapper in 2012: a clothing line.

Cortez Bryant, tells the New York Times he’s got a top priority for 2012 – “to negotiate a deal with a fashion house so Ms. Minaj can sell her own line of clothes”.

That’s sorta cool for her…but I’m thinking…what would that even look like and is that something the average person would be interested in?Nicki has a unique style of her own and that translates pretty well for an entertainer.  It’s all apart of the performance.  But do I want to walk down the street in a pink fried chicken necklace? Ehhh…I think not.  But what say you?  Would you totally ride for a Nicki Minaj fashion line?  Or is her style just to out of control?

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