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Is it me, or does this feel stalker-ish? Why would someone want to see the inside of the hospital room where Beyonce delivered Baby Ivy? It’s still a hospital! BUT that didn’t stop TMZ from getting the exclusive. Most hospital rooms where you deliver or pretty nice if you have great insurance, but this hospital room resembles a hotel room at the W. I guess Lenox Hill Hospital is trying to corner the market on rich people giving birth in NYC. Check out the pics below:

Lenox Hill constructed the room just in time for Beyonce’s birth.  More pics, plus room details when you continue:

Lenox Hill Hospital constructed a suite for VIPs which looks like a Four Seasons penthouse … and the room was christened Saturday when Beyonce gave birth.

TMZ has obtained photos of the room where Blue Ivy came into this world, and it’s baller.  There are 4 flat screen TV’s, state of the art electronics, a kitchenette, nice art, mahogany walls and plush furnishings.  And take a look at the bed where Jay Z got some shut eye!

Sources connected with the hospital tell TMZ … the suite was not constructed specifically for Beyonce, but it was always intended that Beyonce would be the first patient to use it. {Inside Beyonce’s Luxury Delivery Room}

I wonder: Where did regular people like Alicia Keys give birth, since this room is newly designed?

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