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Common Vs. Drake: Who Won?

It’s my personal belief that rap beef is one of the most pointless things ever. Well, maybe not totally pointless, because “it’s provocative…it gets the people going…” (CC: N****s In Paris) and can stir up interest and record sales butterum…yeah. I could do without it. So when I heard that Common and Drake had a beef going via the good people at MTV, I laughed.

I mean, think about this. Common and Drake. Those are two different eras of hip hop. Just on reputation and legendary status alone, I’d say that Common is way out of Drake‘s league. Drake probably look(ed) up to Common as an inspiration. But Drake has something that the young people of rap today love (the ability to sing j/k). Word on the street is that this beef is brewing over Serena Williams. So Common pulled a pretty damn bold move and remixed the track that Drake dissed Common on. Listen to Stay Schemin, the Remix, and hear both rappers go back and forth. I mean, Common just flat out says Drake‘s name. Who do you think won?

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