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Yung Joc Denies Insurance Fraud Claims

Earlier this month, rapper Yung Joc‘s brother and girlfriend were robbed while at his studio in Atlanta.  And for whatever reason, some folks chalked it up to an insurance money scam. Well, Joc decided to clear up the talk and say that he had no part in the robbery.

Matter of fact, he couldn’t claim for the insurance for the stolen items, because he didn’t even have insurance. *Homer Simpson ‘D’OH!’*

The thieves got away with over $50,000 worth of hi-tech equipment and rumours have since surfaced suggesting Yung Joc was the brains behind the raid – allegations he has vehemently denied. He tells local news station WSB-TV, “I’ve been seeing stories where people say this is about insurance fraud. The truth is, I did not have insurance. I was in the process of deciding who I wanted an insurance policy with.”

And apparently, the thieves made away with some hard drives containing unreleased recordings.  I remember when Ryan Leslie offered a million dollar reward for his stolen laptop that contained unreleased music as well. *Looks at Joc’s cash reward he’s offering*  Uhhhh, I’m not sure that’s gonna inspire any type of return. Check out the low-ball figure for this stuff:

He adds, “(They took) my speakers, TVs, my recording equipment. I’ve got songs with Jazmine Sullivan, Lil Wayne, Pitbull – I mean, big name artists.” He is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to the recovery of his stolen hard drives.

Really? That’s all it’s worth to you? Oh.

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