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Xfactor Reality Show Or Soap Opera? Rachel Crow Vs Marcus Canty

Last night’s elimination show on the Xfactor was like a soap opera, full of drama, suspense, over acting, and tears. To recap, Marcus Canty and Rachel Crow are in the bottom two, which means the judges get to vote on who should go home. Nicole Scherzinger gets the deciding vote, and chickens out by casting a vote that results in a tie. In the event of a tie, the voters at home gets final say over who goes home. I guess everyone thinks Rachel Crow has the most votes, but it turns out they are wrong. Rachel Crow has the least votes and is going home; Marcus Canty wins. Now, I understand why Rachel Crow is crying, I’m sure it hurts, but falling to the floor and screaming for her mommy like she’s at a funeral draped over a casket is just too much. So now, Nicole Scherzinger is all upset and I can’t figure out why, because neither of these kids are under her management, and she could have easily voted for Rachel Crow since Marcus Canty has been in the bottom two at least three times.  In the end, Rachel is crying hysterically and Nicole is crying hysterically, all because Americans didn’t vote for Rachel Crow.

I’m sorry if I sound insensitive, but Rachel Crow probably already has a contract with Disney and future is bright. Plus she is 13 years old, and not seven. I also can’t believe Simon Cowell bashes Astro for catching an attitude, but condones the theatrics of Rachel Crow. Watch how it all goes down when you continue…

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