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Wendy Wonders If Gayle & Oprah Are Still Friends And Oprah Responds

Talk show host and former radio personality and habitual linestepper Wendy Williams got the attention of Queen Oprah, to everyone’s surprise.  Can you imagine Oprah sitting on the couch, with a bowl of Special K, watching Wendy’s show? I know I can’t.  Anyway, a few weeks ago Wendy Williams  reported that Oprah’s BFF Gayle King was leaving the O Network to go to CBS.  Gayle will be co-hosting The Early Show with Charlie Rose.

Wendy immediately wondered what this meant for the friendship between Oprah and Gayle:

“I’m sad that she’s leaving Oprah,” Williams bemoaned. She also criticized King for her burgeoning friendship with 50 Cent, who has dissed Winfrey before. She wondered, “Gayle, is it the beginning of the end with you and Oprah? Please say it ain’t so. You guys have been friends since you wore the same underwear during that snowstorm in Baltimore.”

She kinda just snowballed all of it into a big conspiracy! LOL But yesterday, Wendy read a handwritten letter from Oprah which addressed her speculations.  I love that.  In a world where texting and emails are commonplace, it’s nice to see someone take time to address another in writing.  So was Wendy correct in her fears?  Check out the video, after the jump…

(The letter starts at 5:30)

Wendy seemed to get a little emotional reading that. I’m pretty sure she never thought she’d get a letter directly to her from the Queen of Talk Shows. Nice!  But did y’all catch the beginning of the video though?  Oooo Wendy is SO MESSY!

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