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Plies Is Back In The Courtroom & Trying To Dodge The Media

Let me start off by saying that I’ve never understood the desire for rappers to strap up like they’re going to war.  Why do you need a glock when you’re just running to the Burger King drive thru?? Unless you’re planning to go to Afghanistan and assist in the war of terror, you need to leave all those things alone.  T.I. But I digress.  Rapper Plies is back in the courtroom facing a civil lawsuit stemming from a 2006 nightclub shooting.

At the time, Plies plead no contest to a misdemeanor charge of  possession of a concealed weapon. But with this civil suit, five victims are seeking damages for negligence, battery, pain and suffering and loss of wages.  According to GTN‘s Sia Nyorkor, Plies as been trying to avoid media coverage as well.  Sia posted this picture on Twitter of Plies ducking down, once she entered the courtroom. *sigh* If you don’t want to get caught for doing dumb stuff, then just don’t do it.  See her full story and shots from inside the courtroom, when you continue…

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