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I didn’t know Ginuwine fathered eight children. Yes, Elign Baylor “Ginuwine” Lumpkin has eight children. Where have I been? *shrugs* I just thought he had one or two before he married rapper Tonya  Johnston “Sole” Lumpkin. I was wrong…Apparently, he had four other kids by four different women before marrying Sole. Sole had two daughters from a previous relationship plus two more daughters with Ginuwine. So technically he’s the biological father of six kids, but he fathers (takes care of) eight kids, now. Check out a picture of Ginuwine and his EIGHT kids, courtesy of Black Celebrity Kids.

NOTE: Reader Gloria points out that there are nine kids in picture below and not eight. Ginuwine has only claimed eight children publicly, and that’s why the captions says eight. But maybe he’s discovered another child since his last public statement. *shrugs*

Eight kids? We need to buy more of Ginuwine albums. Did he have to pay child support, too? Talk about lay em low, and spread em wide *in my Evelyn Braxton voice* All jokes aside, they are a beautiful family. It’s nice seeing the whole Lumpkin family together as a unit. More pics when you continue…

De’jan (20) and Cypress (16) are Sole’s oldest daughters, Story (10) and Dream Sarae (9) are Sole’s youngest daughters with Ginuwine, plus Eljin Jr (19) from a previous marriage. Those are the names that have been confirmed.  According to “the streets” he also fathers Tiffany, Tahjere, and Ginel, ages unknown, and maybe a Kayah(?), too. Ginuwine admits to having eight children, but hasn’t named all eight, yet:

amie: How many kids do you have now?
Ginuwine: Eight.
Jamie: You and Solé have how many together?
Ginuwine: Together? We only have two. She had two before me and we had two together. And I had four more before her.

Jamie: I know, but how many babies’ mamas are there?

Jamie: They were all different women?
Ginuwine: …(quiet) {Source}

This is the first time we have seen all eight of them together. Apparently the eighth child took a little time to confirm…But don’t worry, they are now a happy blended family trying to make it all work!!! Ginuwine and Sole are living a very different Christian life, and the past is the past.

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