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Sam Hurd, former receiver for Dallas Cowboys, and now a soon-to-be fired receiver of the Chicago Bears, was arrested Friday for trying to buy up to $750,000 in drugs on a weekly basis. Hurd just recently signed with the Chicago Bulls for a three year deal worth $5.15 million with a $1.35 million signing bonus up front. Obviously Sam Hurd was not happy with his NFL salary because the young man, known for his Christian beliefs, had a side job pushing weight across state lines. Teammates did not see this coming because Hurd was well known as a Christian who professed his faith, never showed signs of illegal activities, and always demonstrated strong moral convictions. Now, this young man is facing up to 40 years in jail, and $2 million in fines for trying to buy 1,000 pounds of marijuana at $450 a pound, and 10 kilos of cocaine at $25,000 per kilo from an undercover agent.

It’s a situation that you don’t, I don’t, want anybody to be in, especially a close friend, a teammate that I’ve been playing with now for 4 or 5 years,” fellow Bears wide receiver Roy Williams told the AP. “Especially a guy from Texas with a wife and a daughter. … I know it has to be tough for him because he has his family.

What is it about the Dallas Cowboys that keep players connected to drugs? I know Hurd was playing for the Chicago Bears when he was arrested, but he spent six years prior playing for Dallas before heading north to Chicago. More details on this crazy case when you continue. IDK, maybe the lock out earlier in the year scared the poor guy into a back-up plan. *shrugs*

Sam Hurd, wide receiver for the Chicago Bears, is being held in federal custody after he was arrested for attempting to organize a drug-dealing network.

Hurd, 26, was in possession of over a pound of cocaine he purchased from an undercover agent at the time of his arrest, according to AP.

The wide receiver, whose deal with the Bears was announced in late July, was arrested on Wednesday night after he met with an undercover agent in a Chicago restaurant and expressed interest in purchasing 5 to 10 kilograms of cocaine and 1,000 grams of marijuana per week.

Hurd declined to comment on the charges but told reporters he believed he was still with the Bears.

Hurd allegedly told the agent he and a partner already distribute approximately 4 kilos of cocaine each week in the Chicago area, but required a new supplier to manage their demands.

After agreeing to pay the agent “dealer” $25,000 per kilogram of cocaine and $450 per pound for the marijuana, Hurd left the restaurant with a package of cocaine and was promptly arrested.

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