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I am not a bay bumper!!! I believe Beyonce is legitimately pregnant with a human baby inside of her uterus, and not inside of a stranger’s uterus. If you do not believe Beyonce is with child, then this post is probably not for you. On these pics posted below, Beyonce looks very pregnant to me. Obviously we don’t know the source of the picture, but Beyonce’s face says it all…Can’t wait to see the little princess, or prince?

Why do we do this to celebrities? I remember when the media claimed Tom Cruise baby was an ugly alien because he’s into Scientology, and didn’t release pictures of the Suri until she was a few weeks old. Turns out Suri is very normal, and beautiful, too. More pics of Beyonce when you continue…

The only problem I see with these pictures, is that it looks like someone was stalking her while she was shopping.

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