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NeNe Leakes To Guest Star On Glee #WINNING; Explains Why She’s SO RICH!!!

NeNe Leakes makes an appearance on The Talk. While on the show she talks about her confrontation with Sheree Whitfield and why she uses the the words “So Rich” to attack Sheree on Real Housewives of Atlanta. NeNe also talks about the pressures of filming reality shows, and explains that she is not mean spirited, she is actually cool to hangout with. BUT, she is honest and will get in you face. {via Tattle Tailzz}

THE TALK: Were you ladies friends before the show?

NeNE Leakes: We were associates! Yeah! But now we’re not…

THE TALK: How rich are you??? LOL

NeNe Leakes: When I said that to Sheree, I felt like she was trying to pull me down. Like you don’t have this, and you don’t have that. You don’t have this…I was like, ‘No, No, No. I have it all honey.’

It wasn’t just about money…I have so many things. I am so blessed. I’m so rich in spirit; I’m rich in life; and in so many ways. And that was my point to her. Don’t try to pull me down, I am VERY rich.

Watch NeNe Leakes in action on The Talk. I don’t care what you say NeNe is still one of my favorites.

Also buzz around town is that NeNe Leakes will guest star on the Glee:

Twitter was immediately buzzing about the likelihood that NeNe will be playing the role of Mercedes’ mother. But one source claims that she will instead be cast as the new synchronized swimming coach, Roz Washington. {Source}

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