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Jill Scott Tweets About Parenting Advice…From Lil Wayne?

Yesterday, I witnessed this go down while perusing my timeline on Twitter. Sidenote: If you aren’t following me on there, why not? Click here and get some awesome in your life! Songstress Jill Scott was going on a small rant about absentee fathers and the importance of being in your child’s life. It was all good…then…she quoted a “statistic” about the amount of time a child should interact directly with their parent. No, not from a study or a child psychologist. From a person who would know: Lil Wayne. *insert wide eyes*

Really Jill? Lil Wayne?? Let me clarify my issue. No one can dispute that a child needs to interact with their parent; no study is needed to understand and agree with that.  But Lil Wayne gave a specific time frame…as if to say if a child gets at least this amount of minutes a day from a parent, they’ll have a good relationship. It’s at THIS point that I need to some some receipts. Cuz…uh uh. That sounds like a low number. 12 minutes out of 1440 minutes in a day?? That means it would take a child about 4 months to spend 24 hours with a parent, using that as a guideline.

Now granted, I could see if Lil Wayne said this after hearing about it from a news source or someone reputable in the field. And I was really hoping that was what it was: he quoted someone, she quoted him and forgot who the original source was.  Because I’m sure she wouldn’t just quote some “fact” that someone made up, right?  Well…*sigh*…a tweeter asked her a question along those lines.  And…just see what she tweeted regarding the validity of the quote, after the jump…

Um. No.

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