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Friday Funnies: Lil Wayne & Drake Split? + Texts From Bennett

Friday back! Friday back! *Jigs* And with Friday comes…that’s right, Twitter beef.  The rumor mill has been really churning lately.  Seems that Drake has been firing management. And the current theory?  Drizzy may be leaving Lil Wayne and Young Money for a new label. Yup.  That’s right.  Word on the street is that he’s headed to Roc Nation. That definitely would be a huge move.  And once again, Twitter became the arena for some shadiness, especially in the face of these speculations.  First, shortly after talk of Drake firing his management started, Weezy tweeted this:

Ooop.  Then the next day, Drake had to say this:

WELP.  Both sides have been quiet (they’ve been moving in silence like lasagna *laughs hysterically* What?? I had to do it!!) and haven’t made any official announcements but time will only tell…

But speaking of Lil Wayne and lasagna, I’d like to introduce y’all to Bennett.  Bennett is the 17 year old cousin of the blogger of Texts From Bennett. Bennett thinks the Chinese buffet is the best date spot and also knows why Lil Wayne said “G’s move in silence”.  Let me say this. I went through this blog yesterday and literally screamed. Laughed until the tears came.  My stomach was hurting and I lost 4 pounds between running around my office and crying.  Check out Bennett’s theory and prepare to laugh until you cry, after the jump.

If you aren’t on the floor right now, reassess your life.  IMMEDIATELY.  *CRYING LAUGHING*

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