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Friday Funnies: “All He Does Is Win” – Tim Tebow Featuring Skip Bayless, Lil Wayne, Nelly And Others

It seems as though you either love or marvel at Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. Frequenting pointing out that his wins are supplied via the Good Lord above, he’s spouted a trend called “Tebowing”. If you don’t know what that is, click here. I’ll admit. There may or may not be photographic evidence of me Tebowing somewhere…*side eye* But I digress. Tim Tebow has become the latest celeb to undergo the Autotune treatment.  Remember the Bed Intruder Remix with Antoine Dodson?  Don’t act like that didn’t go hard for a minute or three!

Tim gets praised amidst a funky beat and clips from ESPN First Take‘s Skip Bayless and quick cameos from Lil Wayne, Nelly and a number of others. There’s even a quick shot of Hulk Hogan in Tebow gear.  This song jams harder than a lot of songs on the radio right now.  I’m kind of mad that I’ve listened to this at least 5 times now AND have danced a jig along with it…but what can I say.  I’m a sucker for a catchy beat!  Check it out, when you continue…

Tim Tebow – “All He Does Is Win” (Autotune) – Watch MoreFunny Videos

Now try to lie and tell me you didn’t hit ‘Repeat’ and jammed a little!

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