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Fan Gets Drake’s Name Tattooed On Forehead & Drake Is Shocked

There are some really…uhh…’special’ people out in the world today.  A few weeks ago, an unidentified woman decided to let the world know how much of a Drake fan she was.  By getting his name tattooed on her forehead.  That’s right.  Smack dab in the middle of her head.

Photo Credit: Euroweb.com

Drake himself was asked about the tattoo, during a radio interview with Power 106 by host Mando Fresko.

Drake admitted he was shocked by the picture and wants to meet the young lady to find out why she went to such dramatic lengths to declare her support.

He says, “I want to meet her and understand why and what happened. That’s cool though; I feel you 100 percent. To me that is absolutely incredible.”

However, Drake has an entirely different attitude when it comes to the tattoo artist who went ahead and did the work on the woman’s head…

He adds, “The guy who tatted (tattooed) it is a f**king a**hole though, I will tell you that. I don’t f**k with that guy! F**k you to that tattoo artist by the way because you’re an a**hole for real. You should lose your job and never do tattoos again…”

I wonder why he’s so upset with the artist. I mean, does he think that facial tattoos are a bad idea altogether?  Cuz if so…cuz Lil Wayne has…*SIDE EYE*

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