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X Factor: Melanie Amaro Wins; Plus Paula Abdul Outfit Fails?

Melanie Amaro wins X Factor, and is now $5 million richer. Honestly, I was rooting for Josh Krajcik, because his voice is gritty and soulful, but after watching Melanie Amaro perform Listen the night before eliminations, I knew she was the person to beat. I am happy she won. The night ended with an emotional Melanie full of joy and tears, praising God for her win, “God is good.” The funniest moment of the night is when the host, Steve Jones, chases Melanie all around the stage trying get a comment from Melanie on her win, but she’s too emotional to speak. Steve even tried to interrupt her while she’s on her knees praying, like she’s going to put God on pause just to give Steve a sound bite.

AND now I must write about Paula Abdul’s color-block outfit. While Melanie was on stage trying to sing through her emotions, I didn’t notice what Paula Abdul was wearing. The dim lights and the judge’s table, hid most of her outfit, and she appeared cute from the waist up. But now, we have the red carpet pics of the whole outfit, and I am wondering if this is a color-block fail:

See from the waist up, Paula looks adorable, but zoom out and you have this:

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