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EXCLUSIVE: Rick Ross Maybach Music Trying To Steal Drake From Young Money?

We just got wind of some very interesting information. *Side note* Someone is really pushing this rumor story. It’s been no secret that Drake has been experiencing some upsets with certain parts of Young Money.  Just yesterday, we shared a rumor that Drake was looking at Roc Nation as a possible new label home.  WRONG! But a reliable industry source has shared that Drake may be extremely close to closing a deal with Rick Ross’ Maybach Music label. None of this is confirmed, but reportedly Drake has been talking with Rick Ross for a about five months. Not sure why they are leaking this information, either. It seems that Young Money may have too many hands in Drake’s pocket, and Drake may need to diversify for his own good. Last night in concert in Connecticut, Drake denied rumors that he is leaving Young Money:

I’ll tell you, if you wake up in the morning and you think Young Money ain’t my team, you out of your motherf–king mind.  My brother Lil Wayne is all the way in Australia right now,” he said, “but I got my camera on in the back and I just want to let him know how much me and Hartford got for him. So if you got love for Lil Wayne, make some noise! {Source}

So this story becomes even more interesting, considering recent events surrounding Drake.  Drake leaving ICM management for WME (Williams Morris) supports the fact that Drake is unhappy with certain things going on in the Young Money camp.  Plus, the fact that neither Drake nor Lil Wayne have denied rumors out right, until last night. Remember, this could all be some publicity stunt to push numbers over the million mark for Drake’s new album, but behind the scenes [name withheld] of Rick Ross’s team has hinted that Drake may be joining forces with Rick Ross, thus the mysterious tweet earlier today.
Drake and Rick Ross are also working on the Y.O.L.O. (You Only Live Once) mixtape.  Both artists have had nothing but praise for each other’s work, showing that mutual respect is not an issue.  Drake, who’s been interested in reviving his acting career, was in talks to appear in an independent movie, Arbitrage, but ended up not making the cut. We were told that Drake lost the deal because Young Money management demanded too much money.  And, early this morning, Drake fell victim to the “this tweet should have been a DM” struggle, on Twitter.

Drake supposedly tweeted “rozay how am I gonna let wayne and birdman know i’m leaving YM?”.  The tweet was deleted, almost immediately. While deleted tweets have been known to be a form of free publicity, in light of everything going on, it seems as if it was a an honest mistake for a very real situation.  We’re keeping an eye on this story and will make sure to bring you the latest information. But if everything is true that we are hearing behind the scenes, Maybach Music is courting Drake. It’s all so complicated because Young Money has so many facets including management, music, and media. Drake can leave one part of Young Money and still rep for another part (YMCMB), both him and Nicki Minaj have that freedom. Don’t expect anyone to really speak out until Drake’s numbers come in on Tuesday. But it sounds like the whole thing has been orchestrated to cause drama, by drama I mean to sell more Drake albums. Too many blogs are receiving “exclusives”, including this one. So I will just pass the word along as told to us, but I bet you this drama has more to do with selling albums than anything else.

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