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Check It Out: R. Kelly’s First Live Performance Since His Throat Surgery

Last night on The X-Factor finale, Melanie Amaro performed I Believe I Can Fly. And halfway through, who comes out to join her? None other than R. Kelly. Kellz was admitted to a hospital back in July in Chicago, to have an absess removed from his tonsils. He cancelled a number of live shows as a part of the healing process, but finally was ready to perform.

After the performance, Ruh took to Twitter to talk about what it meant for him to be up on stage again:

To have been thru what I have been thru – having throat surgery and not only unable to sing, but not even able to talk – and to end up on the stage of X Factor tonight shows the true power of God.

I no R. Kelly fan but I can’t deny the man sings I Believe I Can Fly with every ounce of power with him. And it’s no wonder. It’s an incredible song.  I almost became a fan. Again. Check out the live performance, including the comments from Paula, Simon, Nicole and L.A. Reid, after the jump…

I ALMOST shed a tear.  Lovely.

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