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In Case You Missed It: Beyonce 20/20 Interview With Katie Couric

In cased you missed it Friday Night, here is the 20/20 interview of Beyonce with Katie Couric. The interview with Katie Couric and Beyonce must have been only five minutes long, because the majority of the interview is Katie Couric narrating. Beyonce and her team probably told ABC you have 15 minutes, and don’t ask Beyonce about this, and don’t ask her about that. Honestly it’s a nice interview, but it’s not revealing at all. I don’t think Beyonce fans will learn anymore about Beyonce than what they’ve already known. IMO, Katie Couric’s interview with Lil Wayne was much better because we actually learned some new things about Lil Wayne.

[Photo Credit: Yardie]

But it is worth watching to see Beyonce’s reaction when Katie Couric touches her baby bump. For the record, I DID NOT like random people touching my baby bump either. That was so weird to me, random people rubbing my belly like I was a magical genie and something was going to pop out…People who like to rub random bumps are strange…really really strange!

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