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Celebrity Pregnancy

Are Beyonce’s Ankles Lying, Too?

I know you can’t convince the Beyonce Baby-Bumpers that Beyonce is really pregnant with a human child, but silly me, I keep trying because I believe somehow logic works. Let’s not focus on the actual bump because obviously the bump is a distraction from the other tell-tale signs that Queen B is really pregnant. First, there is the obvious weight gain, which is natural, and the fullness of her face. But here (below) is the best proof I’ve seen thus far, that confirms BeyoncĂ© Giselle Knowles is pregnant. If this doesn’t satisfy the bumpers, then so be it…

Sorry we have to dissect Beyonce’s body, but those are clearly swollen ankles. I had edema in the last weeks of my pregnancy as well, and it’s very common in pregnant women. Beyonce has never had cankles before or swollen feet. Check it out when you continue…

Now what!!!

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