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Beyonce will sit down for a special one on one interview with Katie Couric on ABC. Tonight’s episode of 20/20 will feature the pop singer revealing a few intimate details about her personal life and motherhood. One of the things that stands out the most from the sneak peek of the interview is Beyonce’s response regarding her due date, which she prefers to keep private:

The truth is, it’s safety. I just want to make sure I can have a peaceful day. And I want to make sure my child is protected.

So the baby-bumpers aren’t as crazy as we thought they were. The baby-bumpers have definitely noticed the inconsistent changes in the Beyonce’s belly. BUT now we know it’s all apart of Beyonce’s plan to protect her due date in order to have a peaceful delivery? That Beyonce reign just won’t let up! Beyonce also talks about some of the things the media has made up about her pregnancy including lies about her cravings…

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