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WOW! Fat Joe Might Need To Change His Name To Slim Jim!

In the midst of hearing about health issues for some of the most well-known music acts recently,  this is really an awesome story to hear.  Rapper Fat Joe has lost…*drumroll* 100 pounds!! And counting!  That’s almost equivalent to losing an adult! Fat Joe opened up to CNN to discuss his life and weight loss.

Fat Joe says that all his life, all he’d really known was being over weight.  He’s had diabetes since he was 14 years old. Food was love and the fame gave him greater access to enjoying all of life’s culinary treats.  But it was what happened in 2010 that really changed this for him:

Last year alone, I had six friends die of heart attacks. Most of them were younger than me, but they were my same size. So I had one friend who was funnier than me. He was cooler than me. Obviously God loved him and he still died. I couldn’t believe that he died of a heart attack at 32/33 years old. He has a daughter my same age. And it was the weirdest thing. I went to his funeral. Not only was I sad, but I was just like, “This is me.” I couldn’t see a clearer picture of what’s the difference between me and him – of me being in a casket and my daughter running around the funeral home – and you know, she doesn’t have a dad anymore.

Check out the interview and get a better look at what he looks like now, after the jump…

Congrats to him! He looks fantastic and will only look better with time. Keep it up, Joe!

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