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Just In Time For The Holidays? Lil’ Kim To Release A New EP

I don’t know how holiday friendly it will end up being, but rapper Lil Kim took to Twitter to announce plans for a 5 track EP, to be released this holiday season, in preparation for more music to come in 2012.

It’s nice to see her putting in work that’s not related to dissing Nicki Minaj. But…I may be speaking too soon.  5 tracks is enough time for someone to wig snatch somebody…and I’m pretty sure they won’t all be Christmas songs.  Kim also released a new single last week.  Listen to the song for yourself and see what you think, after the jump…

She sounds good…but at this point, any song from her talking about going after someone is making me think she’s going after Nicki. And we’ve done that already. SMH

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