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*UPDATE* Teyana Taylor Was Protecting Nick From “Crazy Ex”; No Punches Thrown!!!

There’s always two sides to the story, and according to an eye witness, an altercation between Carol Rodriguez (the unknown now known girlfriend), Nick Young, and Teyana Taylor really did take place at the Supperclub, Thursday night. However according to a close friend, Teyana Taylor did not get punched in the face, BUT she did throw a drink on Carol Rodriguez, who is Nick Young’s ex. Apparently Carol Rodriguez was at the Supperclub, intentionally starting drama at a table next to Nick Young, causing a scene. Carol was later escorted out of the club by security.

Dear MrsGrapevine,

What really happen was nick arrived with his boys, but he drove his own whip and his ex carol was already at Supperclub at a table next to his. Teyana later arrived with her crew. I was at Nick’s table when Carol came over to speak to him. He tried gettin away from her the whole night and finally she came back over and was talkin to him. Teyana basically said, ” bye he don’t want you over here,” and Carol started talking stupid to Teyana. So Teyana threw the drink on Carol but there was no punches thrown. We moved Teyana back and Carol got pushed out of Nick’s table. There was a lot of pushing back n forth with our crew and carols two friends. Finally Nick said, “Bye get away from me, I don’t want you, too much drama.” And she got mad, so we move Nick out the way and they escorted her [Carol] out of the club. And Nick’s boys took him to his car. Nick left the club alone and she left wit her girls. Carol can’t get over the fact that she is crazy, and old news, and nick don’t want  her… That’s what really happen. She is obsessed with Nick. She needs to kick rocks and that’s y he left her in the beginning…

This version sounds more plausible, because Carol Rodriguez looks strong. If she would have punched Teyana certainly she would have left a mark, but either way it’s still a lot of drama. Just to think Sunday night, I didn’t even know Nick Young of the Washington Wizards or Carol Rodriguez (Track Olympian for Puerto Rico). So whether the rumors are true or not, which it sounds like they are, at least someone is getting their five minutes of fame out of it…THE END!

Just to prove she was not punched, Teyana Taylor tweeted this picture.

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