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Tameka Raymond Requests Wristbands For Gay Men?

Twitter. A person’s best friend and greatest enemy. Over the weekend, tweeters were up in arms with Usher‘s ex-wife Tameka Raymond. Tameka is definitely one of the celeb(?) twitter users who talk their mind but she may have gone a step too far this time. She recently went to tweeting her feelings regarding “undercover gay men”:


While I THINK I may know what she was trying to get at, her approach to it was all the way wrong. SMH We all appreciate honesty, and everyone should feel comfortable enough in their own skin to come to the world without fear of rejection or judgement.  But a identifier for folks? Not the way.  No wonder she was getting angry tweets and suggestions that Usher was one of the “undercovers” that need a wristband…MESSY!  Check out her following tweet, trying to clean up this whole mess, after the jump…

The world DEFINITELY is banoodles, Tameka. Folks are out here, tweeting without thinking…

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