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Tamar Braxton wants you to know that she does not bleach her skin, that she has stretch marks as proof, she is not married to her husband for the money but because she like teddy bears, and what you see on TV is what you get in real life (dot com). In a recent interview with Black Enterprise, Tamar Braxton takes the time to clear up a few internet rumors. Tamar Braxton also talks about being the break out star on Braxton Family Values and how her sisters accuse Tamar of showing out for the cameras; plus I have pictures of Tamar and the Braxtons at the NYC Premiere of Braxton Family Values.

BlackEnterprise.com: Do you think that the attention you’ve received has caused some sibling rivalry?

Braxton: At first I did, and it was very difficult for me because I would get accused of acting like a prima donna. But I’m like, if y’all think about it, I’ve been making the same faces since I was about 2 [years old]. I think the problem is when you see it on TV it’s magnified. I believe it was difficult for my sisters to watch it and they became defensive. But again, I’ve always been candid and honest. I believe everybody is back to normal and it was more of the surprise the first season.

BlackEnterprise.com: Speaking of which, you had a heated argument with your mom this season who told you she’d “slap the piss out of you” if you ever disrespected her again. What were you thinking in that moment?

Braxton: At that moment I wasn’t embarrassed, but I was definitely shocked and upset. I was thinking, where is this coming from? I didn’t feel, and still don’t feel, I did anything wrong. Because I felt myself being disrespectful I had to [leave]. I didn’t understand the conversation or why we were having a conversation in the first place. Toni and Tracey said I had a problem with singing background, but I’ve always said that I’m blessed and grateful and that it was a start on my career path. However, that’s not what I want to be everyday of my life. It’s okay to change career paths.

BlackEnterprise.com: What is the craziest rumor you’ve heard about yourself?

Braxton: God, there are several, but the one that really bothers me is that I [married] my husband for money. What? Where did that come from? Are you saying that because he’s thick? How do you know I don’t like teddy bears? I mean, really? Have a seat. Do people realize that [those comments] are very disrespectful to my relationship and friendship with my husband? I find no humor in that. To have people [speculating] about why you like what you like. Don’t they think that could affect how he feels about himself or me? If we didn’t have that openness and friendship it could. I’m sure those comments hurt his feelings. Sometimes people wanna say, “With all that mouth Tamar has…” and I say to [all of them], have several seats because I’m gonna always stand up for myself, my husband and our relationship.

BlackEnterprise.com: Unlike other celebs who go under the knife it’s refreshing that you’ve always been candid about your belief in plastic surgery. In the blogosphere, there’s been much debate about whether you bleach your skin. Do you?

Braxton: Yes, I believe in plastic surgery because I believe you’re supposed to enhance what you are not happy with. And if I bleached my skin then I wouldn’t have stretch marks, right? So boom! (Laughs).

Tamar Braxton Interview Talks Plastic Surgery

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