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Artist for Peace “Never Again” Concert took place Monday Night in Universal City, CA to honor Stevie Wonder and peace efforts against genocide.  It was the Lost & Found event of the year. Bobby Brown made an appearance, along with Eric Benet, Pras, Wayne Brady, and Tommy Davidson. Seriously where have all of these people been? Chaka Khan serenaded her good friend Stevie Wonder. Many of you may not know this, I really didn’t either (I’m not that old), but before their was a Beyonce, Chaka Khan held the title of the voice with the body.  As you can see below in her leopard boots and bodysuit, Ms Chaka Khan is holding on to that title.

Actually in her younger years, Chaka Khan and Nicki Minaj resemblance is quite striking. It’s almost eerie. I would like to see Nicki Minja remake this photo in Ebony Icons.

Anyway, back to the topic. Stevie Wonder is holding on to his braids, but I don’t know how much longer the braids can hold on, his iconic look is fading fast. Eric Benet, steps out on the red carpet with his wife pregnant Manuela, who is also the ex-wife of Prince. Plus pics of Bobby Brown, Tommy Davidson, and Wayne Brady when you continue…

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