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Shots Fired (Literally!) At The White House During A Drive By

According to Huffington Post, two shots have been fired at The White House. Authorities are investigating the shots which hit one of the windows on the residential level of The White House, where the first family lives. No worries, the windows are bullet proof and seem to have done their job of stopping the bullet, but it’s interesting that someone could possibly get this close to The White House in the first place. The suspect has not been caught, yet, after a hit and run drive by on The White House. SECURITY! *in my Evelyn voice*

Get the details, when you continue…President Obama and First Lady Michelle were out of town on Friday when the shots were first heard, and authorities have just now found the bullets from the Friday incident…

WASHINGTON — Federal and local authorities investigating a shooting that struck the White House are seeking a man believed to have fled the scene on Friday shortly after gunfire was heard in the immediate vicinity. The Secret Service said that one bullet had been stopped by the reinforced windows installed inside the historic exterior glass used at the White House. One additional round was found outside.

The sounds of shooting were heard on Friday, and although the rounds discovered Tuesday have yet to be conclusively linked to that incident, officials said there was little doubt of it; an examination of the exterior of the White House was continuing, but the main concern was to find a suspect with a background of legal problems and aberrant behavior.

President Obama and the first lady, Michelle Obama, were away on Friday, when the shots were heard shortly after 9 p.m.; Mr. Obama was in San Diego on his way to an Asia-Pacific economic forum in Hawaii, and is now in Australia.

But the likelihood that shots were fired at his residence by a suspect who is not in custody will surely raise security concerns.

Secret Service agents heard multiple shots fired on Friday and witnessed a car speeding away, westbound, on Constitution Avenue, according to a law enforcement official. The car and a weapon were found, abandoned, at a corner of Constitution Avenue and 23rd Street within a couple of minutes, this official said.

The shooting occurred 750 yards from the White House, just outside the outer security perimeter of the White House complex, which extends to the south edge of the Ellipse. {Bullet Strikes The White House}

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