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Rihanna Floods $3100 Per Night Hotel Room With Bath Water

Rihanna reportedly left the bath water running while at Savoy Hotel in the UK, and flooded her luxury suite, a suite that rents for $3100 per night. How do you flood a $3100 a night room? At that price, doesn’t the hotel have people that will run the bath water for you.

Get the rest of the details when you continue…That must have been some bath! 😉

The 22-year-old pop star, performing in the UK a week ago, forgot to turn off the bathwater in her $3,100-a-night suite at the swanky Savoy — flooding her rooms and soaking the carpets, The People newspaper reported yesterday.

“They all left the room and when they came back the carpets were wet through, and through” a source told the paper. {Rihanna Floods Luxury Hotel Room In The UK}

I’m sorry, call me lazy or call me a snob, but if I’m spending $3100 on a hotel room, I will not be drawing my own bath water. At least she can afford the clean up.

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