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PICS: President Obama Kissing Another Man!!! Un-Hate Campaign Goes Too Far!

So imagine my surprise when I saw this picture…Why would someone photoshop the President of the United States of America kissing another world leader, and think that it’s okay? Well, this picture is part of the Un-Hate Campaign from the United Colors of Benetton, which photoshops world leaders from around the world, including the Pope, embraced in a man-on-man kiss.

The images are very strong, but we have to send a strong message. We are not wanting to be disrespectful of the leaders … we consider them “conception figures” making a statement of brotherhood with a kiss.

This is no different from black face. I have to disagree with the Un-Hate Campaign on this one. There are so many proud gay and lesbian couples that would pose for this campaign. BUT to make people into something they are not without their consent or permission, is mean-spirited. If you do it for laughs, satire, or comedy, that is different because you know your intentions are not necessarily good intentions, but to photoshop people into something they are not to fight against hate, only undermines your platform. The point of Un-Hate is to accept people as they are, yet this campaign is turning people into something they are not. The campaign is definitely proactive, but it certainly has the opposite effect of Un-Hate. This also sends the message that homosexuality is a choice, and think there are many gay people who would disagree.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand what they are trying to do, I just think there are better ways to do it. Like asking leaders, politicians, or everyday people to pose or submit their own.

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