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Photo Of The Day: Malia Obama Is Tall & Gorgeous!!!

Malia Obama is growing up fast, and by up I mean tall and beautiful. Malia Obama can literally go tête-à-tête with her mom, not in conversation, but in height. First Lady Michelle Obama, stands at 5’11”, and I think Malia Obama may be just as tall if not taller.

Today, First Lady Michelle Obama received the official White House Christmas tree. The tree, a 19-foot balsam fir, arrived in a horse-drawn carriage and will be displayed in the Blue Room of the White House. It will be decorated in honor of military families.

This year’s tree came from Schroeder’s Forevergreens in Wisconsin, a member of the National Christmas Tree Association, and one of about 800 Christmas tree farms and lots around the country that donates free, full-grown trees to military families as part of the Trees for Troops program. This year, Trees for Troops hopes to deliver its 100,000th tree. {First Family Welcomes Christmas Tree}

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