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Nicki Minaj Shows Off Her “Boom Boom” At Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show; Plus Kanye West, Jay-Z, Adam Levine

Here are some pics from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, with performances by Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, and Adam Levine plus Maroon 5Nicki Minaj always wears strange things that pushes the boundaries of fashion, and this time Nicki Minaj continues to wears outfits that pushes the boundaries of fashion. During the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Nicki Minaj is seen wearing an outfit with the words, “Boom Boom,” in bold lime green letters, along with a very colorful ensemble of hearts, stars, and mirrors. At first I honestly thought her clothes said, “Boo Boo,” and that she was wearing a Halloween costume in November. So glad I was wrong.

More pics from the event when you continue…

LOL! Kanye West hits his stance at the end.

I could not leave out Adam Levine, oh yeah and Maroon 5, too. Just couldn’t do it. *Moves like Jagger*

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