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Now, we see why Mariah Carey is so in love *singing in my Beyonce voice*. Nick Cannon looks a lot older with his shirt off. LOL! Anyway Nick is featured in Men’s Health, and during the interview he talks about his marriage , and being known as Mr. Mariah Carey. Read Nick Cannon’s response…{Entertainment Rundown}

Kim Kardashian’s Mom, Kris Jenner, Is Called A “Pathetic Liar” [iLuLu Online]

Beyonce Is Waiting For Kelly Rowland To Have Some Kids, Too [Tattle Tailzz]

Wow! Chris Brown Goes Off On Twitter, Again [Freddy O]

So Rihanna’s Brother GQ,  Is A Rapper Now [Carlton Jordan]

Dem Babies Have New Nick Names, PICS of Roc & Roe [Black Celeb Kids]

Yes! Amber Rose Has A New Job Without Kanye’s Help [Twana Tells]

Dear Kim Kardashian Letter: Girl, Shut Up! [Ms Toni]

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