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Basketball Wives has added two more women loosely associated with a basketball player to the cast. While technically, Kenya Bell is still married to her husband, Charlie Bell, whom she stabbed, the couple are currently going through a divorce. So obviously Mrs Kenya Bell, a former beauty queen who has a Miss Michigan title under her belt,  will fit in well with the rest of the violent non-wives on the series. BTW, noticed I said she stabbed her husband…with a box cutter. STABBED!!!

[Charlie & Kenya Bell]

Kesha Ni’cole Nichols is the other non-wife being added to the show. I don’t know if you remember the story, by her ex fiance, Richard Jefferson, called off the wedding via e-mail right before the festivities. If you don’t remember, you can revisit the story right here on MrsGrpaevine.com.

who breaks-up with someone with e-mail the weekend of their wedding, and don’t call to confirm the break-up until hours before the wedding. Anyway, just based on past drama, I know this new season of Basketball Wives will be CRAZY!

[Richard Jefferson & Kesha Nichols in better times…]

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