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Mariah Carey Drops Her Baby Weight With Jenny Craig

Singer and mommy of 2 Mariah Carey is on the cover of US Weekly, looking quite fabulous! Seems she took the route of Jennifer Hudson and got on the Jenny Craig plan to lose weight after giving birth to her twins Moroccan and Monroe. Mariah tweeted this picture of her, looking slim and trim:

OK! I see you, Mariah! Apparently, Mariah had a number of companies vying for her business, following the birth of her children in April.

Several weight-loss companies called her about working with them, Carey says, but when she spoke to the executives at Jenny, “all of whom had their own issues with weight,” she felt “a kinship with everybody I spoke with.”

I am NOT mad.  So exactly how did she do it and how small IS she?  Check out what her workout regiment and her current size, after the jump…

In July, when Carey was no longer breast-feeding the twins, she started on the Jenny program, ate the company’s foods and was particularly fond of their soups. She says she mixed it up and did some of her own cooking, too, which is part of the program. She does mostly aquatic workouts for 45 minutes four or five days a week.

Speaking of her current weight, Carey says she doesn’t go by the scale but by “my dress size. Right now I am between a 4 or 6.” She’s 5-foot-9.

Well done! Now, let’s hope she doesn’t use this as a reason to continue to dress like she shops at Forever 21…

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