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Let’s Discuss: Toni Braxton Is ‘Playing In The Snow’ + Yes Or No To Interracial Dating?

I gotta be honest with you.  I love me some Toni Braxton.  Number one, she has an amazing voice. Number two, she’s gorgeous. And number three, she made it a lot easier for me growing up–I had less instances of explaining that my name is spelled with an “I”, and NOT the masculine way of “TonY”. “Toni, like Toni Braxton” was much faster and easier. Toni recently sat down with Anderson Cooper on his show Anderson to discuss, among other things, her love life.

I love those shoes!  When Anderson asked about her dating activites, she let Anderson know she was “playing in the snow”, a term no one seemed familiar with.  After explaining what it meant, she let him know that this was her first time.  Check out the clip for yourself, plus share your own thoughts on the topic, after the jump…

This got me thinking. I, too, have never ‘played in the snow’ and it’s always been something I’ve been curious about.  Well, not always, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more of a advocate for “love knows no color lines” than not. Much more.  Maybe it’s because I’ve realized that wanting people to date within their race is a form of prejudice.  But what do you think?  Do you think we should date who we want to, no matter their race, or do you think there’s enough beauty and diversity in our own respective races that there’s no need for it?  Share your thoughts!

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