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Let’s Discuss: Make An Album With Ice T! + Opportunity Or Cheapness?

This is a definite sign that technology is helping to bring musicians and fans together. Rapper Ice T announced via Twitter that his next album, The Hood Manual, will be composed of tracks submissions from fans and followers.  Ice will be listening to track submitted and if it’s a beat he likes, then he’s ready to do business with you.

So break out those beat maker programs and start submitting! Is this going to be a trend that picks up in the music world?  I don’t know. But if it does, I’m not sure it that’s the best move.  Read my little take on this and let me know what you think, after the jump…

I must admit, something like this would be an amazing opportunity for people out there, making tracks in their mama’s basement on some Kanye type ish.  It’s definitely a foot in the door and if you have an OG rapper like Ice T give you a start, then you’ve by passed a lot of other people.  Then again, this might be an easy way to get fresh talent, on the cheap.  I’m most certain that going about it this way is cheaper than hooking up with well known producers for beats.  Especially when you may find a diamond in the rough.

So what do you think?  Is this a way to fast track to stardom or a cheaper way of making music that may pay off in the end? Tell me your thoughts!

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