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Let’s Discuss: Kem Will ‘Sparkle’ + Are Movie Remakes Ingenious Or Irritating?

Hollywood has taken to movie remakes at a huge rate, these past few years. One of the latest remakes on deck has been adding big name singers to it’s cast. The latest add? R&B crooner Kem. He’s been added to the cast of the movie remake of Sparkle, joining Jordin Sparks, Whitney Houston, Derek Luke and Mike Epps. This will be Kem’s film debut in the role of club owner and Master of Ceremonies, Buddy. Released in 1976, Sparkle tells the story of three sisters who try to navigate their way to the top, in the midst of family turmoil.

Photo credit: MusicByKem.com

Looking at the line up thus far, this film has lots of potential.  And could possibly end up with some nominations, a la Dreamgirls.  But even with the all-star line up and talent that will be put to the big screen, is this a good idea?  Read my take on movie remakes and voice your own opinion, after the jump…

Movie remakes.  Sometimes a good idea, often times not.  I honestly see it as Hollywood’s way of being lazy.  Think about it.  They don’t have to research ideas, have someone write up an entire script and take a chance on something original.  They can just find something that worked (or possibly didn’t, in hopes of reviving a film) and get someone to update an idea.  Less time is spent and less money.  I would much rather them take a chance on original stories.

While it’s nice to see a successful remake introduce a generation of movie goers to movie greatness of the past (I mean, who can deny the awesomeness of Ocean’s 11 with George Clooney, Matt Damon and Don Cheadle?), I don’t think it’s worth the sacrifice.  How about you?  Do you see this trend of Hollywood remakes as a good thing or a bad thing?  Speak about it!

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